November 9, 2010

Zagat launches food truck tracking site

Today, Zagat announced a free website that is aimed at the food truck fan base around New York - Functional on mobile browsers (but not available as a smartphone app), the site allows users to track their favorite food trucks throughout the city and presumably take a more strategic approach to tracking down their favorite waffles for lunch.

Per the press release the company issued, the site plots real-time locations of New York's food trucks on a map. Trucks will be able to update their locations using specialized Tweets. Still in beta, users can search for food trucks by location, cuisine by Zagat food rating. Once a user has chosen a food truck, the site will indicate its location, social media links, as well as its Zagat ratings and reviews.

With my iPhone addiction currently being managed, I might have to let this site slip through to my list of cool mobile sites to visit. That being said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a mobile app and an optimized experience specifically for my phone.
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