February 27, 2009

Bourbon Hot Chocolate - you'll never know how great it is until you try...

After posting about City Bakery's 17th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival yesterday, my good pal Bradley and I decided to check out the festivities for ourselves. I'm not sure about Bradley, but I had never been to City Bakery before, despite the fact that I've walked by the place about one hundred times.

And boy, am I glad we stopped by! As mentioned yesterday, Friday's flavor was Bourbon Hot Chocolate. I for one have never thought about combining these two entities, but let me be honest - I've only made hot chocolate from a mix I buy at the store. City Bakery's concoction definitely trumped my efforts in the hot chocolate department.

Below are some pics of Bradley and I indulging in the booze infused awesomeness...

I'm going back to City Bakery today to check out the Grand Finale flavor. My good friend Amanda is accompanying me, so expect pictures of us scarfing down some delicious cookies and some sort of exotic mix of hot chocolate plus the super secret ingredient!

And finally, I have to post this little gem of a photo. I always tell people that Bradley looks like Hugh Jackman. Please picture this. Now, look at the picture below and I can guarantee that any sort of image of Hugh Jackman you may have conjured will be ruined. Enjoy!

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