February 25, 2009

Cupcakes are to me like Guinness is to the Irish

I believe that I was born to do several things on this planet. Many of these I'm unsure of at this point, but one is clear: I was born to eat cupcakes.

I've tried quite a few in my day - Magnolia, Buttercup Bake Shop, Billy's Bakery, Babycakes. The list could go on. But for the past almost four years, only one bakery has stolen my heart. sugar Sweet sunshine, without a doubt, holds the key to my heart when it comes to exceptional cupcakery.

I first discovered sugar Sweet sunshine through my best friend Emily. We were both living in the Lower East Side of New York City in the Spring of 2005, and she suggested that I check out the bakery. She said she had eaten there before and the cupcakes were not to be missed.

At this point, I didn't consider myself a cupacke connoisseur. I had eaten my share of this particular baked goodness while growing up, but my sampling didn't go beyond prepackaged Hostess cakes and the generic store brand cupcakes with neon icing. Occasionally, a homebaked sample would cross my palate, but to say I was well-versed in the fine art of cupcakes would be a stretch. So, while casually strolling through the L.E.S., I decided to swing by the bakery spoken so highly of by Emily.

According to their web site, sugar Sweet sunshine was unofficially open Thanksgiving 2003. They invited anyone and everyone who felt like tasting the first samplings from two (in my opinion) geniuses in the making. December 22, 2003 marks the day the “Open” sign went up on the door of sugar Sweet sunshine.

Oh, to have been there on that fateful November day! Regardless of my late entry, the first time my taste buds experienced the awesomeness that is the Sunshine Cupcake (vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing), my life changed.

And like a lot of foodies, some of my fondest memories involve sugar Sweet Sunshine. My first birthday in New York City with new friends was over a dozen sugar Sweet sunshine cupcakes (I think I ate most of them). Over many a break up or celebration, sugar Sweet sunshine cupcakes have been on hand. I even took my parents to the bakery during the one and only time they've come to visit NYC. This year, my mom and dad remembered how much I love these particular cupcakes, so they had two dozen sent to my office on October 1st. Really, can life get any sweeter than that?

If you are in New York or plan on visiting, you MUST stop by sugar Sweet sunshine. They are located at 126 Rivington Street, right around the corner from the Essex Street Market.

And to entice you a bit more, below is their cupcake menu. But remember - they have lots of other baked goodies, including cheesecake, muffins, breads and cookies!

The Cast of Cakes & Cupcakes
Sunshine: Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream
Bob: Yellow cake with chocolate almond buttercream
Ooey Gooey: Chocolate cake with chocolate almond buttercream
Sexy Red Velvet: Red velvet cake with “The Moose”
Sassy Red Velvet: Red Velvet cake with chocolate almond buttercream
Black & White...Just Right: Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
Pistachio: Pistachio cake with “The Moose”
Pumpkin: Pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing
Lemon Yummy: Lemon cake with lemon buttercream
Coconut: Coconut cake with meringue
Faux-Coconut: Coconut cake with satin buttercream


hysterical and useless said...

yum. Behold, the periodic table of cupcakes: http://www.the-feedbag.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/periodic-table-of-cupcakes_cropped.jpg

Mary Ann said...

Right on for that periodic table. I would have made much higher marks in science class had that been what I was studying:)

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