March 18, 2009

Need to know what produce is in season? Download Locavore on your iPhone and find out!

While going to buy raspberries for my recent raspberry custard pie recipe, I stopped myself while at the local grocer to ponder for a second: when are raspberries actually going to be in season? It's 30 degrees outside, so these are certainly not from around here..."

Ever find yourself at the grocery store wondering the same thing? Are you trying to be a champion of sustainable farming and helping the environment but aren't sure if that summer squash is actually growing outside at the moment?

To answer these types of questions, iPhone users can now download Locavore. This application collects data from multiple sources and presents the information on your phone.

Some of the features of Locavore include:
* Automatic detection of which state you're in (U.S. only for now)
* Alerts about what food is in season near you, as well as updates on what crops will be appearing in the produce section soon
* Locating farmers’ markets near you
* Browsing all 234 fruits and vegetables to see where they are currently growing
* Links to Wikipedia articles and recipes from each food detail page
* Ability to browse all 50 states to see what’s in season in other parts of the US

Designed by the Natural Resources Defense Council, Local and Tattfoo, and built by and Matt Hickey, Locavore is available for purchase (cost: $2.99) in the iTunes App Store by visiting here.

Thanks to my roommate Peter, tech/gadget blogger extraordinaire, for the tip on Locavore!


And said...

Oh this is great! I love getting iPhone app recommendations. I've signed up for a farm share/CSA this summer but until then I'm at the mercy of the supermarket so this will help!

Mary Ann said...

I know the feeling - I'm ready for my farmers' markets to get into full swing again. As much as like buying potatoes, cheese and milk, I'm ready for some fresh fruit and veggies! Bring on the corn on the cob and raspberries, I say!

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