April 2, 2009

My foodie pledge.

When I started this blog, I remember thinking that it was going to be fun. I was going to post about desserts and pastries and the masses would read. I would never get tired of it - how could I? I love eating sweets.

But tonight was the first time I realized it goes deeper than that. I get tired of posting. Sometimes I just want to sleep instead of staying up until 2 a.m. thinking up fun topics to write about. But yet, I do it. I can't sleep unless I know that Puff and Choux will have new posts for my readers the next day.

I've come to realize that this blog is the representation of my passion. Saying this means a lot as I have never been passionate about anything, with the exception of traveling and writing, and luckily for me, this blog encompasses those interests as well. It's the adventure really - trying out new flavors, experimenting in the kitchen, trying out little patisseries in every new city I find myself in. I'm in love with what I'm doing, and it's a great feeling.

Quite a number of people have asked me what my goals are in regard to Puff and Choux. I always struggle to answer this question because, honestly, I don't know. I was a bit concerned about my inability to form a response until this evening when I read a passage in My Life in France by Julia Child. After receiving another negative response to her first cookbook, she said:

"I wasn't feeling sorry for myself. I had gotten the job done. I was proud of it, and now I had a whole batch of foolproof recipes to use. I had found myself through the arduous writing process. Even if we were never able to publish our book, I had discovered my raison d'etre in life..."

Even though there was a large chance that her book would never see the light of day, Julia didn't care. It was her love of French cuisine that fueled the book, and as long as she could continue to work in the field of French cooking, she was happy. In reading this, I realized that I have found myself through my love of pastries and desserts, and my goal is to spread the word on the artistry of this food medium. There is a high probability I will fail, that Puff and Choux will remain simply a serious, yet fun, hobby and I will never be able to make a living in the food industry. But even though I'm not sure of the journey I will chart, I'll tell you this - it's going to be a sweet one.

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