April 29, 2009

New York Times: Treats in the Doggie Bag, for the Dog, of Course

The New York Times is running a great piece online about the benefits of a doggie bag, and as a New Yorker who is originally from Oklahoma, a place where we were not taught the snobbish behavior of turning up our noses at taking left overs home, I couldn't be happier. As the writer of the piece, Alex Witchel says,"Portions are so ridiculously large these days; why not get the chance to eat all of what it is you like?"

In even better news, the article focuses on using the doggie bag for desserts, specifically chocolate biscotti. Honestly, I'm not a major fan of biscotti, but as you may know, I'm a huge proponent of eating dessert whenever you get the chance. So, if bagging up some biscotti is on your agenda, then I say check it off the list my friend! Check out the full New York Times piece here.

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