April 3, 2009

Sunday is National Tangible Karma Day - spread the love with some baked goods.

I learned this evening that Sunday is National Tangible Karma Day. Honestly, I went seeking a food-related holiday and this is what I came up with instead. However, I think food can easily be put to good use for this particular event. Bake some muffins or cookies, whip up some macaroons or bake a cake - you get the idea, and surprise someone with your abilities by presenting them an unexpected culinary gift. I'm telling you, people love this kind of thing. Once, while leaving an ATM machine, a homeless man asked me for money. I told him I couldn't break a $20 but I could give him a brownie (I was on my way to a party and had a plate full of book club brownies with me at the time - I don't normally carry baked goods around with me on a casual basis). He said he would take the brownie, but I could tell my his tone he was disappointed I wasn't giving him cash, but after one bite, he smiled and said it was the best donation he'd received all night.

Now don't get me started why begging outside of an ATM when people will only have large bills is a mistake...

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