October 9, 2009

So long dear friend...

This whole week, I feel as if I’ve been mourning the death of a dear friend. With the news that Conde Nast would be ending the publication of Gourmet Magazine, we all witnessed the death of a legend. My constant admiration of Editor in Chief Ruth Reichl, the sheer excitement I felt the day Gourmet arrived in my mailbox and overall feeling of being connected to the foodie community through a genius magazine came to an end.

But for every death, there is a rebirth, and now begins the post-Gourmet Magazine life. My admiration for Ms. Reichl is even greater than before, and instead of looking forward to the day my issue shows up in the mail, I can fondly look over all my past issues and try the recipes I never got around to or have made a million times already. The closing of this magazine also demonstrated how passionate the food community is about the subject of gastronomy. We are all hurting, and there is something kind of beautiful in that.


Pattern Patisserie said...

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard about this on the radio...I am SSSSOOOOO disappointed, especially so as I think they have really 'gelled' lately and they are doing a lot of nice work about the environment in respect to food...also a friend of mine does a lot of their photography so I'm despondent for him too!!

Mary Ann said...

I don't think ANYONE could believe it. I actually saw Graydon Carter (EIC Of Vanity Fair) at Monkey Bar while dining with friends this past weekend - it was so tempting to say something along the lines of "Vanity Fair is still here and Gourmet isn't...?"

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