January 28, 2010

City Bakery announces Hot Chocolate Festival flavors!

Here I am enjoying a cup of last year's offerings at City Bakery's annual Hot Chocolate Festival

Even though it's been around for ages, I only discovered City Bakery last year, and holy bananas - this place is amazing. Their hot chocolate is a famous New York treat and I'm excited that January is winding down as this signals that City Bakery's annual Hot Chocolate Festival is about to kick off.

During the entire month of February, City Bakery features a different flavor of hot chocolate every day (see the full calendar here). Lemon Hot Chocolate? Yes please! Hi Ho Pistachio Hot Chocolate? You better believe it! Beer + Brown Sugar Hot Chocolate? Why am I not already drinking this?!

Last year, I only tried two flavors (Bourbon Hot Chocolate and Banana Hot Chocolate). This year, I'm going all out - I'll be visiting City Bakery every single day of February and tasting the goods. You'll be able to track my progress and read my reviews right here at Puff and Choux.

If New Yorkers (or people visiting NYC during the month of February) want to hang out and chat over hot chocolate, get in touch. Hot chocolate is always more fun with good company. Also, after eating City Bakery's bad ass chocolate chip cookies and drinking a cup of hot chocolate for an entire month, I might need someone to roll me out into the street and to the L train towards the end of February.

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