March 1, 2010

Hot Chocolate Withdrawls

Today is the first time in the last 28 days that I haven't had a sip of hot chocolate. It actually feels pretty good, at least my wallet thinks so.

If you haven't been following, be sure to check out my site - Hot Chocolate MAP - which follows my journey throug the 28-day hot chocolate festival at New York's City Bakery. You can read all about the various flavors I sampled during the month of February, as well as view photos from the City Bakery and my list of the top 5 flavors. I've included the video here too.

Even though the festival has come to a close for 2010, the City Bakery always has their original hot chocolate recipe on the menu. I suggest you stop by and give it a shot before we welcome warmer temperatures here in New York City.

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