May 8, 2010

The very best distractions.

March 29th? That's the last time I posted? Geez. Sorry guys. I guess March and April have been full of distractions and the blog suffered as a result.

It's not that I haven't been baking. In fact, I've been enjoying my baking more than ever recently. What makes it so much fun, you ask? Well, I've been baking for someone. A specific someone. An earth-shatteringly cool someone. So instead of baking and then jumping on my laptop, I've been packaging up my finished products and heading over to share the wealth with the coolest dude in New York.

I'm sure he'll pop up more in this blog as we spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen together. Yeah, it's pretty, pretty awesome. Thank you very much.

The other distraction involves peanut butter and a project I've been working on for a local restaurant in New York. Unfortunately, I can't post anything here about it, but once things get into gear and things start popping up online, I'll be sure to post links to let everyone see this currently top secret info.


Liz said...

Missed you!

Mardi Michels said...

They sound like most excellent distractions! Can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks! :-) Looking forward to more posts too!

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