March 14, 2009

I'm off to Providence, Rhode Island - it's time to celebrate!

I'm heading up to Providence, Rhode Island, this morning to celebrate two things: My dear, dear friend Jessy's engagement to Alex AND the new house they recently purchased.

I'm super excited to visit Providence - I make my way up there quite a bit since Jessy relocated back there from New York City last year, and I'm even more thrilled to see her new home, see her wonderful family (I'm talking to you Bert and Teddy!) and meet her future in-laws who are currently visiting all the way from Glasgow, Scotland.

I'm sure Jessy and Alex have a delicious party menu already planned, so if they have slotted a space for desserts or sweets, you better believe I'll be chowing down (and in between bites, taking photos). I can't wait to share all the details once I get back!

Also, for any of you interested in following the adventures of a first-time home owner as she tackles the process of designing her new space, you should check out Jessy's blog - Taste for Tartan (the name is a throw back to her soon-to-be Scottish husband!).

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