March 9, 2009

Who wants some eyelashes in their mushroom and spinach tart? Not I...

Once Upon a Tart is a restaurant I've been meaning to try out since last October when I walked past it on a food tour of SoHo and the Central Village. I was immediately enamored with the place based on the fact that they had adorable window displays - I'm a sucker for kitsch. So sue me.

Since today was a rainy, overcast New York City afternoon, I thought that this would make for the perfect setting to visit a cozy little cafe with my good friend Bradley. After trudging the five blocks to Sullivan Street, I was excited about the menu possibilities and what awaited me inside Once Upon a Tart.

For starters, the staff was not that friendly. They seemed rushed, even though the place only had a few customers. Perhaps they were anticipating a larger crowd for lunch. After ordering the mushroom and spinach tart, I was informed that they would heat up my order and bring it out to the table. As an expert in heating up food (my microwave and I are on a first name basis), I don't think it should take 10 minutes to heat up a savory tart, but I guess the kitchen staff at Once Upon a Tart feel differently.

The mushroom and spinach tart was middle of the road. The dish actually smelled better than it tasted, but that's not to say that the tart itself tasted bad. In fact it didn't have much taste at all. Additionally, I found an eyelash coated with spinach within the tart, so unless one of my eyelashes jumped off my eyelid and embedded itself under a piece of spinach, I'm certain this little "gift" wasn't from me.

I was thoroughly disappointed with this lunch. I might go back to Once Upon a Tart to give it a second chance and try something else on the menu, but this is definitely not a place I would suggest to friends.

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