February 25, 2009

February is Fondue Month!

Ack! There are only three days left in February, so you better hustle your bustle and celebrate Fondue Month!

According to the folks at Bottlerocket Wine Shop, a fantastic little spot on 19th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in New York City, February is the month to celebrate all that is melted and great. So hop to it folks! Whether it's cheese or chocolate, you can't go wrong. And be sure to stop by Bottlerocket for any of your alchohol cooking needs - they've got everything from Kirsch (a traditional element in cheese fondue) to some of the best port I've ever tasted.

One of my favorite dessert (or basically any time you feel like drinking) wines from Bottlerocket is the Familie Bauer Sylvaner Auslese 2005 ($19). The tasting notes describe this wine as:

"Medium Bodied, sweet, high acidity, intense, citrus fruits, honeysuckle, mineral, long finish."

Trust me, the honeysuckle element is delicious!

And for those of you not likely to cook at home, check out Artisinal in New York City for some of the best fondue on the East Coast!

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