February 25, 2009

French Macarons in NYC - thank god.

For some time now, I've been meaning to check out Madeleine Patisserie on 23rd Street here in New York City. I had first heard about the place from a bartender at the SoHo Grand Hotel, but it's taken me about four to five months to actually seek out the place.

As a pastry lover, you can imagine how my head almost exploded when I heard that Madeleine offers over 60 different flavors of French macarons. There are only a dozen or so flavors a day, but this is enough to keep me coming back on a regular basis to test out all the menu has to offer.

Today, my choices included Coffee Banana, Pistachio (my all-time favorite macaroon flavor), Strawberry,and Mixed Berries. I was stunned with how accurate all the flavors were, as well as the perfectly baked meringue casings.

My favorite today was the Mixed Berries - its subtle tart flavor will supply a wonderful aftertaste for several minutes.

Be sure to visit:
Madeleine Patisserie
132 W. 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, 60 different flavors sounds intense. I will have to check these out to see if they can compare with the best that NYC has to offer in the french macaron department. Thus far, I have been most impressed with the macarons from www.bisousciao.com
I would have sworn these were directly imported from Pierre Herme in Paris (and if you know macarons, yes, they are that good).

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