April 30, 2009

Julia Child - you know how to make my day

Even though she's been gone since 2004, Julia Child always finds a new way to pop up in my life and remind me how much I admire her. Today, I stumbled upon the PBS web site for Julia Child, which features full-length episodes of her legendary shows Cooking with Master Chefs, In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs, Baking with Julia, and Cooking in Concert. With over 65 master chefs featured alongside Julia, these online videos are a great reminder of how Julia Child revolutionized the cooking world and is still making an impact on today's kitchen enthusiasts.

Be sure to check out the site and watch all her wonderful episodes on how to make puff pastries, tart shells, chocolate dome cake, deep friend chocolate truffles, genoise cake, chocolate tulles, sweet potato pie, creme fraiche ice cream with almond roasted figs - the list goes on!

Also, after looking at that Time Magazine cover above, I never realized that Julia Child was the Serpent Fish Queen - what's with that scary fish drawing? And with all those boiling pots around her hovering head with a red background, apparently some editors thought she was the second coming of Satan. They probably had bad taste in food. Pft.

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