April 30, 2009

A special blog post for my mom: Today is National Caramel Corn Day!

When it comes to my mother, there is only one thing I have to compete with for her undying love and affection (and I'm not talking about my older sister). I'm speaking of caramel corn.

My mom can tell you if caramel corn is within a six mile radius from where she stands, and you better believe that we'll have to go purchase a bag of the stuff before we can go on with the rest of our day. And when I say "bag," I mean a 10 gallon trash bag. And she'll let you know if you are eating too much of it. Because it's hers. My mother isn't a territorial person, but when it comes to caramel corn, don't cross her (or get in the way of her hand as she reaches down to grab said caramel corn - she'll take off a few of your fingers if need be).

So guess what mom?! Today is National Caramel Corn Day! Enjoy!


Jan said...

no favorite caramel corn recipe to share with us? :)

Mary Ann said...

I've never looked into making my own caramel corn. However, I have inherited my mom's taste buds and can eat unlimited quantities:)

Medela backpack said...

This is awesome stuff, thanks for sharing, you have been brilliant!

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