April 15, 2009

More dinner party pictures...

As mentioned on Monday, I held my very first dinner party on Easter Sunday. It was a complete success, so I wanted to share some more photos from the evening. I've also posted photos of the party favors I made. Basically, I used craft glue and added paper shred to muffin cups and then filled them with easter treats. I thought they looked like little bird nests. I then packaged them up in baggies, added some ribbon and made my own little note cards. Enjoy!

Getting the table ready:

Party favors (which I forgot to hand out when the first few guests departed!):

Table setting after dark:


Jessica Reed said...


I just wanted to say that I love your blog...I, too, am a lover of "design-conscious desserts!"

Jessica (picturesofcake.blogspot.com)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Jessica! In my opinion, nothing is better than a beautiful looking (and tasting) dessert:)

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