March 13, 2009

My mom is reading this blog - you should be too! (Plus, another kolache bakery to check out)

I posted about kolaches yesterday, and my mom has just sent me this tip after reading the post:

"By the way, there is a Kolache Kitchen in Oklahoma City. It is on the NW Expressway by the Hideaway Pizza. Dad and I eat them and they are really good. The apricot and cherry are my favorite. Just thought I would let you know. love, mom"

There are two things you should take from this:

1.) Try the apricot and/or cherry kolaches at Kolache Kitchen in Oklahoma City.
2.) Understand how awesome my mom is.

And when in Oklahoma City, check out:
Kolache Kitchen
5587 NW Expressway
Warr Acres, OK 73132

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