March 13, 2009

A new take on s'mores.

S'mores might be one of my favorite classic American desserts. Whether you make them around the camp fire or in the microwave, you're guaranteed a yummy snack.

While living in Scotland, one of my major homesick cravings was for s'mores. I found it difficult to find marshmallows in U.K. grocery stores, and the ones they did sell were these pastel colored concoctions that didn't melt property. They just sort of liquefied when you put them in the microwave, unlike the American version that will puff up. (I'm not sure I can really call them "American," but I've only made s'mores in two countries, one of which didn't have the right kind of marshmallows. Just go with me on this...). The puffiness allows you to smash the graham cracker on top and helps melt the chocolate. And it's just kinda satisfying to smash something.

I had talked up the s'more to my boyfriend at the time, and after the debacle with the pastel. "marshmallows," I was beginning to think he doubted the awesomeness that is the s'more. He had never heard or tasted one before, so I wasn't about to let this go. My mother was coming to visit from Oklahoma for 8 days, so when she asked if there was anything i wanted from home, I gave her the list: graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey's chocolate. My mother is used to my weirdness, so she didn't hesitate when she said,"Consider it done."

A week later, my groceries arrived (along with my mom), and I'd like to think that the s'more is just one thing I contributed to my motherland in the year that I lived there.

I mention this because Passover is coming up next month, and I found an interesting take on the s'more - using matzo in place of graham crackers.

Essentially, you make the matzo s'mores the same way you make the graham cracker version. The only difference is that since matzo isn't sweet like our friend the graham cracker, it's best to drizzle chocolate over the matzo and then refrigerate under set - this only takes a few minutes. Then, take some marshmallows and roast them under the broiler. Once toasted, layer the marshmallow on top of a matzo square topped with a square of chocolate. Now the fun part - smash another matzo square on top, creating a matzo sandwich a.k.a a matzo s'more.

(Recipe taken from Martha Stewart Living)

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